Today the Eagles went to see a awesome movie called SharkWater. It is written by Rob Stewart who came to our school today as well. The movie is about a group of people who are obsessed with saving the sharks. The group went on a expedition to try and save the sharks from long-line fishing and shark fin soup. So if you are reading this and you eat shark fin soup PLEASE STOP eating shark fin soup. It is really harmful to the sharks and all the oceans because the sharks are the top of the food chain. If the sharks are extinct there will to many fish in the sea. There are 4 types of sharks that are endangered they are: the great white shark, the whale shark, the basking shark and the saw shark. Click here to visit Robs blog.

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C.C.C. (Class Community Circle)

Every friday the Eagles have a circle called Class Community Circle. We have the Class Community Circle every friday after lunch. We push the desks aside and form a circle on the floor. We pass around a ball and we each get a turn to speak. In the Eagle nest the eagles are divided into four color teams. The teams are: Red Hot ‘N’ Spicy, Boiling Blueberries,Slimy Limey Green and Purple Party People. The teams do good deeds to earn points. I am in the red team: Red Hot and Spicy. Every week at Class Community Circle the color team that  has the most points wins. So that team gets to pull a prize. When at Class Community Circle we also play games that include: Class Juggling, I’m Going On A Picnic and lots more. My favorite game is Class Juggling. I would really like to have a Class Community Circle every day, so that we don’t forget what we wanted to say.

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Our New UOI

Our new unit is about the human body. We are starting the new unit of inquiry today. We are learning about the systems in the human body. Some of the systems are the muscular,skeletal and the nervous system. We are also learning about how the body works and the different systems functions and major organs. That is it for now.

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Challenge #10 Part B

I am writing this post for the Student Blogging Challenge. For this challenge we have to show a parent, teacher or student our blog and have them tell us about it. They also have to answer these questions:

  1. What were your first impressions of my blog?
  2. What captured your attention?
  3. What distracted you on my blog?
  4. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

My mom answered these questions so here are her answers:

  1. That the theme was dark but crisp.
  2. My avatar and my monkey widget.
  3. The widgets distracted her from the posts.
  4. Double check the categories and write posts that have more detail.

That was my mom signing off.

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Challenge #10 Blog Facts Part A

I am writing this post for the student blogging challenge. In this post I will tell you about my blog facts from my blog. This is the last post for the student blogging challenge. There will be a part B to but I will post that post on Saturday or on Sunday. This Friday is Budda’s birthday so we don’t have school. So I might post the post on Friday.

Posts: 49


Comments from classmates/teachers: 17

Comments from Friends/family: 28

Other Comments: 27

Replied Comments: 16

Comments: 93

Pages: 2

Widgets: 9

Those are my blog facts of my blog.

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Grade Five Camp!

On may 12-14 grade 5 went to Cheung Chau island for grade five camp. It was 3 days and 2 nights. I was in the yellow group called the Lemon Squeezers. On the second night we went BBQ dinner and instead of roasting marshmallows we roasted bananas. I was in a sleeping group with Eagle 07,25,23 and Battler 26. The weather for camp was very sunny. Over-all camp was extremely fun!

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Festival Of The Arts

This year our school is doing a new thing. It is called Festival of the Arts. It is a week long program that is all about the arts. It started on Monday May 2 and ends on Friday May 7. So far we have had a cooking presentation, movie making presentation, a flute performance, a silence theater presentation and a teacher showcace. I really like the Festival of the Arts.

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